Sports Team Collage Giant Photopog Mat


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Build YOUR PhotoPog Mat sports-themed photo collage of your sports star or team. Your digital camera, or even your smart phone lets you enter the world of artistic designing. Collect the pictures, upload in specific locations, add the personal info for each picture and you are only a few days away from having your special gift or memory for years to come.

The PhotoPog Mat is the perfect product for a life time of memories of that special season, or tournament or a life time in sports. A special year for your team? Or perhaps a special gift for your coach. The quality of your photos of that great throw, or touchdown or whatever forever captured and produced on a solid plastic mat that will always be cherished, AND you know the names of the players!

Each large mat is 11.5” x 16.5”. Click the Design online button and get started on yours today.