Summer Vacation Collage Giant Photopog Mat


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Those special vacations come and go and the 100’s of pictures are somewhere. Change that and keep your memories alive with the PhotoPog Mat. So simple, select those special pictures and upload into the prearranged locations, add your personal information, “Bill conquering the waves”, “Mom and Dad enjoying a quiet moment at sunset” that will personalize YOUR Photo Mat that will bring back special memories for years.

So many gifts are too soon forgotten, but the PhotoPog Mat recreates the event each time it is seen. So easy, place YOUR pictures into the appropriate position, add YOUR personal insight (“Mom and Dad enjoying the evening” , “Uncle Bob doing his magic tricks”) to that specific picture and you have created a priceless memory!

Each large mat is 11.5” x 16.5”. Click the Design online button and get started on yours today.