Violet Cheer Bag Tag


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Your team spirit never fades and neither will your new bag tag! The PhotoPog Bag Tag is a new and trendy way to identify your spirit bag with YOUR picture and personal information. Personalize the bag tag with your pictures and attach to your spirit bag, and anything else imaginable.

The PhotoPog Bag Tag is made of solid plastic and personalized with your own pictures and information. The PhotoPog Bag Tag works great for identifying your back pack, purse, or even your water bottle. Thick solid plastic and over-laminated to ensure longevity, digitally printed with your personalized information. All bags look alike but identifying YOUR bag with YOUR picture is so easy and your personal information goes on the back in case of loss.

The PhotoPog Bag Tag is the trendy new product that people are using to identify their bags, and show off their pictures at the same time. Used to adorn everything from backpacks to messenger bags to handbags to key chains and more. They’re the perfect way to bring an extra dose of personal style to the accessories that get used on a daily basis.

Use the same 3 pictures in your design or choose 3 different ones, more choice, same price. One for your backpack, one for your key chain and one for anything else, they add style to everything. Click the Design online button now, upload your pictures, add the personal information and in just a few days you will have your PhotoPog Bag Tag to set you apart from the crowd.