We want you to enjoy your time on our site as well as your finished Pog designs. Please review the list below to hopefully find what you need and if it’s not there for some reason contact us and we will help you as quick as we can.

  • How do I use the site?

    How To Use The Site

    Creating your custom Photopogs is simple. Select a Photopog design and click “personalize”.
    Click personalize to start personalizing your Photopog design.

    Once in the designer, click on any of the areas that say, “click to upload image”.
    Click to upload an image to your Photopog design.

    Once you are presented with the uploader you can choose to upload a local photo or you can authorize and pull in photos from Facebook, Google Drive, Dropbox, Instagram, or Flickr.
    Choose where to upload your photo from.

    Once your image has uploaded click ‘Add’ to add it into your available pictures to use in your Photopog design.
    Click add to add your uploaded photo to the available gallery.

    Use the rotate and zoom tools to position your photo just the way you want it. Make sure to fill up the gray image block area as any gray still showing will be white or show the background design when printed. Also note position of the key tag hole and don’t place any faces where the hole will be in the middle of someone’s head. When you’re photopog is manufactured the die cutting process allows for up to 1/16 inch of float so don’t place anything important directly next to the edge of the image upload area that you wouldn’t want cut off.
    Adjust your photo to fill the entire image mask area.

    Make sure to fill out all of the image areas with your photos before proceeding to the back. If you forgot one you can always switch back to the front before approving your design.

    Select the back side of your design by either clicking on the back side image in the sidebar area, or by using the paging navigation at the top of the page <1/2>.
    Go to the back of your Photopog design.

    Customize the text on each pog by changing the text, font, and color. Or if you don’t want the text simply clear the placeholder text. Note which pog you are adding text to though as the design is flipped so the left most pog you are adding text to would be the right most pog on the front of your design. Use the numbers above the pogs to note which pog is which on the front side.
    Pic 8.

    Click on the light gray areas to select a background color for the back of each pog.
    Select a background color for your Photopog.

    Make sure to add the shipping address to your design. This is where your piece will be mailed to once it has been produced unless you ordered an accessory or one of our Photopog Mats on the same order.
    Fill out a mailing address.

    Click approve when you are done to be redirected back to the regular site.
    Click approve to save changes to your Photopog design.

    Once on the cart page you can re-edit any of your products, update quantities, or apply coupon codes. After everything is the way you want it click proceed to checkout.
    Click proceed to checkout after making all changes to your order.

    On the checkout page enter your information as needed and proceed to pay by clicking Place Order.
    Click place order to pay for your Photopog order.

  • What kind of images can I use?

    By uploading content to this website, you certify that it is free from any copyrights and trademarks, and that you have the right to use the content. You also certify that content you upload does not contain porn, derogatory, or unsafe for work images.

  • How long does it take to get my order?

    Delivery Time

    All Photopogs are shipped via first class mail and typically arrive 7 to 10 business days after order placement. First class mail shipping is included in all Photopog prices.

  • What materials do you use for your printed products?


    Photopogs and our other printed products are printed on Teslin, an earth-friendly material that displays images in brilliant color, then laminated with sturdy polyester. This process creates beautiful Photopogs and personalized photo products that last. All ink, materials and labor are created and performed in the USA.

  • What to do when your Photopogs arrive?

    What to do when your Photopogs arrive?

    Show them off! Share them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and mention us @photopog or tag us #photopog so we can see you with your finished designs. We would love to add you to our gallery and make you Pog famous.

  • What do I do if I want to do a fundraiser with Photopog?

    Photopog Fundraisers

    To create a Photopog design with proceeds that benefit your club, team or cause, tell us about it at and we will help you set up designs and pricing so that people can create your special pogs right on the Photopog site.

Other Questions or Problems

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